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I have seen many types of mentalism over the years and to be honest,

I have found it boring, a bit mundane, lacking of any flair.

So when I was asked to go and see Chris North’s MentalismLIVE, I was not

sure what to expect but when Chris came out and from the outset it was

dramatic, throwing balls of paper into the audience, getting everyone

involved and setting the tone for an evening of entertainment.

The show moved at a steady pace with plenty of audience participation, it was

at times humorous yet serious keeping the audience gripped with anticipation

at not knowing what was going to happen next and then a sudden gasp of

amazement at what they had just witnessed.

The show lasted an hour and 45 minutes with an interval of 15 minutes. I

never once looked at my watch as it held my attention right from the start

with some interesting twists and I would recommend it to anyone. Stephen Bolam

The unique content of the show guarantees high audience satisfaction. MENTALISMLIVE is visually appealing,
bewildering and distinctly entertaining.

MentalismLIVE - The Seagull Theatre - October 2016

"What a fantastic night of entertainment with the MentalismLIVE
show, everyone was buzzing afterwards and chatting about what
they saw and experienced" - Kyle Sarocen